“If you don’t believe you can win [change], then collaboration is meaningless.”                                                       Michael Albert (veteran US activist and author)


There is a fundamental tension at the heart of modern society. It is that our ways of being and doing no longer support what we aspire to. We see an abundant future built on a wealth of alternative approaches we know can work, but have yet to find a way for them to be adopted more widely.


Collaboration for Change is here to enable the people who are actively involved in making positive change in their communities and localities across the island of Ireland, to work together. We are opening the space for shared learning, peer support, practical hope and wise collaborative action.


We want you to realise that you are not alone; that if we work together, in mutual support, we can be far more effective in shifting our culture and systems towards being open, inclusive and cooperative, to being engaged, caring and resilient, and good for people and planet. 

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