The Church of Scotland is Speaking Out

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Speak Out is an initiative of the Church of Scotland and is the new way of working of the Church and Society Council - committing the Council to a long term process of advocating for and delivering change. This new way of working is much more intentional about learning from and resourcing local congregations and their partners to bring about lasting change.

There is an incredible amount of transformative work which goes on through the Church of Scotland every week; the church wants to learn from it and encourage even more of it. This includes learning from and working alongside those who are the victims of injustice and struggle against poverty.

Speak Out is built around the seven themes which emerged out of a 2015 engagement exercise 'Speak Out 10,000 Voices for Change' in which almost 11,000 people from every part of Scotland took part. Read more about the themes by visiting the Church of Scotland website where you can also find out how you and your community can get involved

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