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Help Us Build The Community Economies Map

Updated: Sep 15

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Help us grow our visibility, connectivity and influence

There is a moment now to begin to build connections between the many positive and transformative social, solidarity, cultural, environmental and economic initiatives across the island of Ireland. Given the urgency around system wide issues such as climate change, our failing democracies and widening inequality we need alternative solutions and new approaches to be adopted more widely. In order to make that happen there is recognition amongst the groups active in providing these alternative solutions that pooling knowledge, expertise and where appropriate resources is essential.

Collaboration for Change is a partner along with the Eden Project Community NI and others in the Community Economies Mapping Project led by the An Áit Eile Cooperative, Galway. We are building an open source mapping tool that everyone participating can use for their locality, community of interest or network which then creates an island wide picture of our collective progressive landscape.

The first iteration of this involves Collaboration for Change offering to help others develop their own map using a simple approach with the open source tool uMap and through sharing appropriate data (using safe GDPR means) help create the island wide map (see the beginnings below).

The only way we can do this is together. It is a collaborative work in progress and you can help shape it in the following ways:

  • Share this page and information with your networks

  • Get in touch via to access help to develop your own map or Add your data to the Ireland wide map to help us prove the concept - you can also make suggestions for improvements.

  • Become part of the volunteer developers team or recommend someone

  • Become a volunteer convenor for your local area. Volunteer convenors not only help people map their area but act as catalysts for making connections and deepening collaborations. Get in touch via the email above for help and guidance.

You can either indicate your interest in joining the developers team or becoming a volunteer convenor when adding your data to the map. Alternatively you can email Kevin,, with any offers of help.

We all want to make the world of progressive movements more visible and connected on the island of Ireland. Mapping can help us do that on a local level and island-wide. At the same time it supports more collaborative working in communities of place and interest.


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