Declaration of Tilburg - A Convenient Truth

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Citizens in the Netherlands and Flanders have come together to demand change. They drew up a declaration that outlined the kind of future they wanted. Here are some extracts:

“We, civilians of the Netherlands, Flanders, and of Europe, call upon a radical re-orientation of

our economies. This call is motivated by the fast-growing urgency of global issues, such as

climate change, resource depletion, the persistence of wide-spread poverty and increasing

global inequality.

The first necessary steps can be summarised in the main themes of:

a) socio-cultural;

b) structural;

c) institutional;

d) income reduction;

e) taxation.

We urge for a radical change of our economies, a change that – in a relatively short period of time – will substantially intervene in the scope and form of our production and trading systems, and money generation and consumption patterns. This change is only possible if supported by a broad alliance of social forces. We invite everyone, in particular political parties, trade unions, businesses, academia and social movements, to take a part in this alliance and take responsibility for the transition towards a truly sustainable economy based on solidarity.”

You can download the declaration here

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