A Declaration for the Common Good

We find ourselves at a moment in time when the systems we use to govern, sustain and organise the world no longer support what is best for people or our planet.

Small collective actions by the many have the capacity to create the change that builds a more peaceful, just and resilient society; and to shape an abundant future, within nature’s bounds, where there is enough for all life forms.

Therefore, as members of the human family residing on the island of Ireland, in the knowledge that there are alternatives to our existing systems:

  • We dedicate ourselves to ways of being and doing that embody compassion, cooperation, community and creativity.

  • We are committed to ecological regeneration; stewarding the environment for future generations; and honouring the rights of every living thing.


  • We recognise the power in our numbers and use our voices and actions to shape a truly deliberative democracy.

  • We are transforming our extractive harmful economic system into one that recognises value beyond money; that provides for needs instead of mass consumption; that demands sustainability and justice before growth.


  • We nurture equitable and just relationships based on understanding and respect.


  • We collectively support practical actions which are implemented in open, participative processes.

There is a way forward and it begins with us. We have all the courage we need.

For ourselves and for the common good.

Collaboration for Change, in this Declaration, is part of the many progressive movements happening throughout the world.  Find out about some of the local grassroots activism on the island of Ireland at ‘For the Common Good’ and some of the local groups involved on the CfC map.



Mary McManus, Antrim

East Belfast Independent Advice Centre, Antrim

European Health Futures Forum, Leitrim

David Somekh, Leitrim

Seán Byers, Antrim

Trademark, Antrim

ACRE (Active Communities Restoring the Earth), Armagh

Solid Network, Ireland-wide

ECOLISE.eu, Ireland-wide

Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Ireland-wide

Cultivate, Tipperary

Davie Philip, Tipperary

Declan Owens, Down

Ecojustice Legal Action Centre, Down

Chrissie McAuley, Antrim

NI Open Government Network, Down

Eunice Edmonson, Down

Amanda Henning, Down

Don Kirk, Antrim

Glengormley Ambulance & Rescue (vol. service)

Margaret Craig, Antrim

David Patterson, Down

Pascal McCulla, Down

Sharon Archer, Down

Stevie Downes, Antrim

Western Innovations Network CIC, Tyrone

Maurice McCartney, Down

Kirstin Neeson, Down

Stephen Beggs, Antrim

Marian Farrell, Down

Noeleen Diver, Antrim

Kevin Murphy, Derry

Bridget Meehan, Donegal

Louise O'Kane, Antrim

Dessie Donnelly, Antrim

Fintan Bradshaw, Dublin

Anne Ryan, Kildare

Community Finance Ireland, Down

Erskine Holmes, Down

Paul Rowden, Down

St Christopher's/The Larder, Down

Paul Braithwaite, Antrim

Denis Stewart, Down

Lyn Moffett, Derry

Ian Graham, Derry

Chuck Meehan, Galway

Roisin Shannon, Antrim

Grainne O'Neill, Derry

Carmel Mulrine, Derry

Patricia Swann, Donegal

Tony Weekes, Antrim

Karin Eyben, Derry

The de Borda Institute, Antrim

Peter Emerson, Antrim

Friends of the Earth NI

Steven Carson, Down

Magdalene Houston, Antrim

Craic NI